Exactly the way they described it

Service tech pilot fish is assigned to check out a remote site where users are complaining about their PC screens shaking from time to time.

"Several technicians before me had replaced the CRTs as well as the video cards, but the problem continued to recur," says fish.

"I showed up at the site with my voltage tester, anticipating that I'd find flaky power caused by something else in the office like a large copier.

"I spent half the day there, but I was unable to replicate the shakiness they were describing.

"Just as I was packing up my bag for the day, the assistant came running up to me and said, 'It's happening right now!'

"I glanced up, and in fact the screen was shaking. Not only was the screen shaking, but the computer table that was holding the monitor was shaking.

"I took a quick look around the office, and saw a very large man pacing from one side of the office to the other. I walked up the gentlemen.

"As soon as he stopped, the monitors stopped shaking..."

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