For once, the REALLY bad idea wasn't from IT

Application developer is working with a user when the guy in the next cubicle asks for help, according to this pilot fish in the know.

"It seems Outlook is telling him his user ID and password are invalid," says fish. "But it's the same email address and password he has been using successfully.

"Developer asks, 'Did you change your password recently?' User says no.

"Developer has no authority to reset passwords or unlock accounts, but he tells user he'll mention it to the help desk guy when he gets back to his own cube.

"Upon returning to his cube, he requests that the help desk guy take a look at the user's email account to see if it's locked or expired. Help desk guy says he knows exactly what the problem is without looking.

"It turns out that Human Resources requested that everyone's email address match their legal name as recorded in HR -- so, for example, Mike.Smith would become Michael.Smith.

"So new email accounts were created, and the original accounts were disabled.

"Help desk guy says, 'I sent them all an email to make them aware of the change...'"

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