The #1 backup network: still Sneakernet

IT pilot fish working for an educational program gets a call late one evening from an employee who says the Internet has stopped working.

And fish has some experience with this user. "I asked her a couple of questions to determine if the Internet was out at that building or if she had turned off the power on the battery backup," says fish.

"She told me that all the lights were on. I told her not to do anything, because she has in the past, and it took a couple of days to get it back up.

"I asked her why was she working so late. She told me that she was working on evaluations. She said that she really needed to finish the evals tonight, so she was going to email the evaluations to herself so she could go to the other building and finish them.

"I asked her how was she planning on doing this.

"After it sank in what she just said, I asked if she had a thumb drive. She said that would work."

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