Glad SOMEBODY can read minds around here!

Pilot fish upgrades the accounting software for a small business customer whose password policies are pretty lax -- which isn't great for security, but makes his job a little easier.

"I actually knew some of the user passwords because I set them up and the users never changed them," says fish.

"But some of the users actually followed their setup document and changed their passwords after first log on, so to upgrade their client software I had to log in using an admin account. I left a Post-it on each monitor where I did this with instructions to enter domain\username and their regular password the next time they logged in."

Predictably, the next morning fish gets a call from one of the users: "I can't log into my computer. My password's not working."

Fish: Look in the username area. What do you see there?

User: "It says Admin."

Fish: And what's your user name?

User: "I don't know. I always just enter my password and it logs me in."

Fish: Just enter domain backslash jdoe where it says user name, then the password you always use.

User: "That didn't work."

Fish: Use the Backslash key. The Backslash key is the one above your Enter key, not the one down by your right-hand shift key. It goes from upper left to lower right, not the other way around.

User: "That worked."

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