Why we love getting help from the boss

IT boss at this small organization decides to roll up his sleeves and help out his staff, reports a network admin pilot fish on the scene.

"He took it upon himself to review the settings on a heavily used file server that had been set up for several years," fish says.

"During his review of the configuration, he determined that the two network connections on the back of the server were not teamed to allow for better connections."

Not a problem -- the boss comes in after hours, installs the necessary teaming software and then reconfigures the team with a static IP address.

Next day, IT starts getting calls from remote sites, complaining that they're no longer able to access critical files located on that server. But everyone at the same site as the server can get to the files just fine.

The boss goes to work on the issue, and after some troubleshooting he concludes that it's a firewall issue. He's about to contact the team responsible for maintaining the firewalls when fish and his co-workers take a quick look at the settings on the teaming software that the boss set up.

Turns out the boss never put the router information in the default gateway section on the network connection. "This was causing the server to not be able to respond to the pings or trace routes my boss was using to troubleshoot the issue," fish says.

"My co-worker asked him, 'Don't you need a gateway?' Boss's response: 'You don't need no gateway.'

"Amazingly, adding the gateway back in restored connectivity for the remote sites."

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