Is Twitter flying high or crashing to the ground?


Twitter: The future is reliably uncertain.

Growth, net losses, profitability, mobile ads? Buy, sell, or hold? First quarter sales figures from Twitter (NASDAQ:TWTR) has everyone seeing a different outlook for the social media company. Some bloggers are worried about Twitter's future, yet some remain optimistic.

Regardless of blogger opinion, one thing is crystal clear: For a company that has never turned a profit, time is rapidly becoming a precious commodity.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers roll the dice and hope for the best.

Filling in for our humble blogwatcher Richi Jennings, is a humbler Stephen Glasskeys.


Healthy Zach Miners is growing substantially:

Twitter on Tuesday turned in some healthy sales figures for the first quarter, though its net loss grew substantially compared to last year.


However, Twitter hasn't managed to turn a profit since it became a public company.   MORE


Active Kia Kokalitcheva uses her mobile:

In its second quarterly earnings call...Twitter has beat everyone's —- even its own —- expectations.


This new quarter's results confirm Twitter's strong focus on mobile. The company revealed that 78 percent of its total monthly active users are mobile.   MORE


Neil McAllister doubles his money, but loses five times as much:

Revenues for three months ending on March 31 were $250.49m, more than double what they were for the same period a year ago.


But on the other hand, Twitter posted a net loss of $132.36m, which was nearly five times as much as it lost in the year-ago quarter.  MORE


Straight from the horse's mouth:

We continue to rapidly increase our reach and scale. With the integration of MoPub, we now reach more than 1 billion iOS and Android users each month, making us one of the largest in-app mobile ad exchanges in the world and the only one at scale to offer native in-app advertising.  MORE


Nicole Lee watches TV through rose colored glasses:

Twitter is leveraging its TV partnerships...stating that 92 percent of users have taken action like tuning into a TV show after seeing a related tweet, and even Nielsen has found a causal relationship between TV watching and Twitter activity. So everything seems pretty rosy, right?


Well, not quite.  MORE


Meanwhile, Sam Biddle counts imaginary numbers:

It's actually sort of hard to come across as financially toxic when you're a Silicon Valley firm -- after all, this is the land where profit is pointless, valuations are imaginary, and WhatsApp is worth $19 billion.   MORE

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