We put the work in work-arounds

IT consultant pilot fish is managing a big project for a utility company, and every two weeks his team holds a workshop to demo the state of the work.

"There are many, many attendees and some travel from as far as an hour and a half away, so it's important everything goes as smoothly as possible," says fish.

"In preparing for a recent demo, I was having problems with my email client -- it wouldn't allow me to change the start time of the meeting -- so I called our help desk.

"The tech couldn't figure out what the problem was. He tried to connect remotely to my laptop so I could show him, but his software wasn't working. I then suggested he look at my calendar through his own email client so I could demonstrate the problem, but he couldn't get his email to open.

"Finally, I asked what I should do. His suggestion: Call everyone to tell them the new start time. As in, call dozens of people over the phone.

"When I described the amount of work that would cause as opposed to simply moving the start time using my calendar within email, he just didn't seem to understand."

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