Will consumers ever see a 3D Amazon phone?


Amazon 3D phone: A bungle in the jungle?

For more than three years, rumors of Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) smartphones have pricked up bloggy ears. Never tiring of never-ending tales of unreleased phones, bloggers have trampled through dense Amazonian foliage to return with The Legend of the 3D Smartphone.

Will rumors of a 3D mobile – unspotted in the wild -- prove true? Time will tell, but we can be sure of one thing: Bloggers will always find time for rumors about phones from the Amazon.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers switch on their Nooks.

Filling in for our humble blogwatcher Richi Jennings, is a humbler Stephen Glasskeys.


Stephen Lawson stretches our imagination:

The idea of an Amazon smartphone...may seem far-fetched or foolhardy but isn't that big a stretch.


Though Amazon's never made a phone, and going up against Apple and Samsung...is not for the faint of heart, [Amazon] doesn't shy away from big bets.  MORE


And Ben Reid can see fine without glasses:

According to the WSJ...an Amazon-branded smartphone is about to reach fruition, and intriguingly, it may also include a 3D display.


The jury's still out as to whether people actually want 3D tech [so it could] carry a degree of risk. Then again, it would be the first major [phone] with [3D and] could pique the interest of [consumers] looking for something new and different.  MORE


Materializing out of nowhere, Shawn Knight chases down a rumor:

If ever there was a persistent rumor that has yet to materialize, the Amazon smartphone ranks right up there with the Apple television set and the iWatch.  MORE


Even three cameras are insufficient for Kevin C. Tofel:

Amazon's phone is expected to have multiple cameras and a glasses-free 3D experience when it goes on sale in September.


[The phone will] employ retina-tracking technology embedded in four front-facing cameras...to make some images appear to be 3-D, similar to a hologram.  MORE


Not daunted, Liz Gannes and Dawn Chmielewski prepare for launch:

As Amazon prepares for the launch of its first smartphones, [it] faces a daunting task: Ensuring that the devices have an app ecosystem compelling enough to win over consumers.  MORE


Busy of late, Chris Welch questions the cost:

Amazon has been busy of late. It just entered the set-top box market, taking on...Roku and Apple TV.


But there are major questions around how Amazon plans to market and sell the device -- and how much it will cost.  MORE


Meanwhile, Mike Elgan asks WWYD:

Will you buy a hologram smartphone from Amazon?  MORE

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