iPhone 6 'Air' sexy pictures! (But is it an April fool?)

iPhone 6 render by Martin Hajek

Leaked schematics, blurry spy photos, and now beautiful renders.

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) doesn't want you to know about the iPhone 6. Or perhaps it does. Anyway, the alleged leaks keep dribbling out of Asia, and bloggers keep falling over themselves to 'report' them.

We've already heard that manufacturing is about to start, but here's our clearest look yet at what some are dubbing the iPhone Air.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers check their calendars.

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.


Steve "Stagueve" Hemmerstoffer is lost in translation:

Here are two sketches that reveal the design of the highly anticipated iPhone 6 or iPhone Air. ... I am absolutely not able to ensure the reliability of the source of the alleged leak. ... The greatest caution is called for.

I asked my friend Martin Hajek to produce a series of 3D renderings.  MORE


iDanbo scans a rumor from something called a 'magazine' (apparently it's like a website, but printed on paper -- what will those crazy Japanese fanbois think of next?):

Dimensions drawing thought to be next iPhone which adopted 4.7-inch display and 5.7-inch display is published in the page of the Japanese monthly "Mac Fan May, 2014".  MORE


And Mark Langshaw spies on blurry Chinese pictures:

Apple's iPhone 6 may have been glimpsed for the first time in what appears to be a trio of leaked photographs. [They're] said to have originated from an employee at Apple manufacturing partner Foxconn.

The photos show a silver device with an ultra-slim form factor, its camera lens appearing slightly raised from its body.  MORE


G'day, Jonathan Stewart:

A series of blurred photos...may show Apple’s next-generation smartphone...allegedly from an insider at the manufacturing plant of a prototype iPhone 6.

The captured sketches claim the smartphone [is] 7mm thick, which [may have] created a dilemma for Apple. The slim body...could cause the camera to protrude.  MORE


But Devin Connors barely stifles a golfer's yawn:

Per usual, nothing has been confirmed. ... The rumors -- pictures or not -- keep referencing...thinner borders and a new back. Par for the new smartphone course, I suppose.  MORE


Meanwhile, Benjamin Mayo triangulates with previous rumors:

Evidence of a thin chassis for the next-generation iPhone were originally found in January, albeit those pictures were as sketchy as these latest images.

Fake or not, the rumor mill is definitely converging on a...design that melds together the aesthetics of the iPad mini and the current iPhone 5s [but] with a screen much larger.  MORE


However, Josh Smith counsels an abundance of caution:

A leaked photo in February turned out to be a fake. It is impossible to tell if these photos...are the real deal. They look similar to leaked schematics that appeared online last week. ... This could corroborate the earlier leak or this could simply be a fake created with the schematic.

Weibo...is often the source of leaked device photos and rumors. [The images] include a metal case show a design that shares curves with the iPad Air and the iPad mini. These are much different than the straight sides and chamfered edges of the iPhone 5s. ... Part of the design is similar to the new HTC One M8. ... It appears that the pill shaped flash is missing, which would be a very odd move for Apple.  MORE

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