Y'know, Mr. Manager, you're really not helping

Company is opening a new office, and this pilot fish gets the nod to fly down in a few weeks to set up the network and phones.

"During the kickoff meeting, the new office manager makes a point to say that the office is not located in a good location," says fish. "And that they aren't planning on bringing clients there for security reasons. And that the office door will remain locked with a security camera so the receptionist can see who she is letting in.

"Upon hearing this, I am a little nervous about flying down, but I forget about it until the time comes to book flights, car and hotel reservations.

"I check in again with the office manager to find out the closest hotel to the office to book.

"On the phone, the office manager tells me he'll find one where the likelihood of getting mugged is the least!

"As I prepare for my trip, there's one other call I have to make: to my life insurance agent to make sure my payments are up to date and to increase my death benefit..."

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