Everybody's doing it (right) now

IT contractor pilot fish is tapped to lead a team to back up this investment firm's PCs, swap in new ones and restore the data -- all overnight.

"The team set up the new PCs in a conference room to assure they were operational," says fish. "Then after close of business, we set about running the software to back up the data.

"Then the team removed the old PCs and installed the new ones.

"The team then tried to restore data from the network -- with a 100 percent failure rate.

"The firm's IT representative called her boss, who made inquiries. It seems that at the same time we were replacing the old PCs with new, the server techs decided to replace the servers with new servers, and the network was offline.

"My team -- made up of mostly college IT majors -- had to leave to study for exams or rest for the upcoming day of studies, leaving only the company IT rep and me to pull all the new hardware and replace it with the legacy PCs.

"By the time I was off the clock, I'd been there 21 hours."

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