The Oppo Find 7 sounds picture perfect


Oppo Find 7: Firing up bloggers.

Mobile manufacturer Oppo is exciting the blogosphere with its new high performance, uber Mobiltelefon named the Find 7. Packed with an impressive CPU, display, and fast-charging battery capability, even most jaded of bloggers appear impressed. But wait, there's more! Revelations that its camera takes 50 megapixel photos makes bloggers faint upon flashing.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers take the ultimate selfies.

Filling in for our humble blogwatcher Richi Jennings, is a humbler Stephen Glasskeys.


Aloysius Low allays us with the lowdown:

If you haven't heard of Oppo before, perhaps it's time to sit up and pay attention. The Chinese company's latest phone, the Find 7, comes with...a 5.5-inch display with a [2560 x 1440]-pixel resolution. That's "Quad HD" -- four times as many pixels as you find on a 720p TV, and one of the resolutions referred to as "2K".  MORE


Bobby Situkangpoles isn't sitting still either:

Oppo is known in the developed world as the first manufacturer to ship [phones] with Cyanogenmod. [In] the past few weeks the internet has been ablaze with rumors surrounding the [Find 7] launch.


What is marketing...Oppo does not try to paint their phones as more cost effective options to devices made by more established [brands].


Based from my observations of the [SE Asia Market], it seems that Oppo' working. Their phones are far from the usual "affordable" image attached to Chinese phones.


It will be interesting to follow what happens in the following months and see whether other Chinese manufacturers will adopt Oppo's approach instead of...focusing on...price to performance ratio.  MORE


But Andy Sykes is excited about the exclusive world of boxing:

This is exclusive! A 20 minute long Oppo Find 7 unboxing video...filmed by myself after purchasing the Oppo Find this morning!


The...unboxing video is almost a full 20 minutes long and features [a] detailed look...of the body and design, plus a look features [of the] Color OS on the phone. If you are looking to buy an Oppo Find need to watch!  MORE


Gullible, Barry Collins believes smartphones are magic:

The Oppo Find 7 has one of the best spec sheets we've ever seen...although there's sleight of hand going on to deliver those 50-megapixel images.


Unlike the Nokia Lumia 1020, Oppo isn't using an ultra-high resolution sensor. In fact, the Find 7's camera is only 13 megapixels.  MORE


And we find nameless geeks, mashing pixels:

[Oppo] has finally unveiled the...Find 7, a phone that achieves many firsts. It has the world's first 50 MP camera. And the world's first Quad HD display. Sizzling, isn't it? ... What is the use of 50 MP? Well, Oppo's implementation is a bit different. It actually has a 13 MP main camera, but what it does, is essentially at it's core, oversampling. ... It uses ALL the detail of 10 pictures and mashes the best pixels up into what may probably be the MOST detailed picture EVER.  MORE


Meanwhile, Chris Smith gets charged up by listening to music:

[Interesting] technologies found [in the] Find 7...include MaxxAudio and Dirac HD sound and VOOC rapid battery charging. ... Also interesting is the build quality...the Find 7 has five layers of thermal protective coating and a solid titanium-aluminum alloy frame.  MORE

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