Are you SURE that's all that's broken?

User calls this support pilot fish to report that his monitor is "broken."

"No more details than that," sighs fish, "just 'broken.' I emailed him back and asked if there were any lights on the monitor, or if it became unplugged. He just replied again with 'broken.'

"Next day I unwrapped a new monitor, ran it up to his cube, installed it and tested to make sure it was working, and took the old one away. That was easy, I figured, and closed the ticket.

"Two days later, he sent me a bunch of screen shots. In sum, his hard drive had errors on it.

"As I was running the hard-drive repair utility on his system, he casually mentioned that this has been going on for a couple months now, but since he could reboot and log in just fine, he ignored it. Why he didn't tell me this two days ago, I have no idea.

"But the utility fixed the bad clusters, the hard drive was tested with diagnostic software and all seemed fine.

"A week later, I got an email from him saying his computer was telling him he has no boot device present, and what do I suggest for him to do?"

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