But it runs a LOT faster when that's blank

This small manufacturer runs its operations on a popular ERP system, reports a pilot fish there -- except it's not so popular with everyone.

"One of the senior managers who should know better was complaining about the ERP system not giving him the correct data for a Bill of Materials query," fish says.

"After testing the system on my machine to try to duplicate the results, as you would guess the system returned the exact data as requested.

"So to see if we could figure out what the issue was, I remoted into the user's system to monitor him performing the query.

"To my surprise, when the user was prompted to enter a product code to query against, the user left the field blank.

"I allowed the process to run, and it finished quickly. The user remarked, 'See -- no data was returned.'

"I replied, 'Please rerun the query and this time enter in something in the product code field, so the system can query against something.'

"Users, you've gotta love 'em..."

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