Cost is no object...until the bill comes due

CIO informs this sysadmin that a new remote office is slated to open in less than two months -- and it's the sysadmin's job to get it connected to the corporate network, according to a pilot fish in the loop.

"It's early February, and the CIO and the head of the new office want to open it on April 1," fish says. "This is all news to the sysadmin, who tells them it will take at least 90 days to get the new circuit installed, so it'll be more like June 1 for the office to be fully operational.

"They don't believe him, and insist he start getting quotes for the installation."

So the sysadmin goes to work getting bids from the various carriers for various speeds and costs. He keeps the CIO updated with the various cost options -- and the CIO always chooses the lower-cost circuits, since costs for the new office have to be kept in line.

The final bids come through, and they all reflect what the sysadmin predicted: It will be at least 90 days before the circuit is in place.

That sets off some panic at C-level: The company can't wait that long for this office to open. It must be up and running by the first of April.

CIO calls the network provider he's picked for the new circuit, and asks for a revised bid. We're willing to pay anything to get the circuit put in sooner, CIO says -- and cost is no object.

Provider comes up with a workaround: Add a cheap cable connection for the office that will only be used for a few months, but requires a one-year commitment plus installation costs. CIO says again that cost is no object, and gives the green light for the provider and sysadmin to proceed.

Reports fish, "Soon after that, the CIO begins to question the costs of having professional services to setup the office connection twice, since it will have to be configured for the cable connection and then again for the Internet connection when it's installed.

"Apparently cost is an object again!"

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