EMC, RSA, NSA, @TrustyCon, and ''dirty tricks''

@Mikko Hypponen

@Mikko, the notoriously publicity-shy CTO, doesn't trust RSA.

The RSA (NYSE:EMC) Conference was boycotted yesterday by TrustyCon attendees. A range of speakers criticized the company's alleged cosy links with the NSA, arguing that the industry badly needs a huge dose of trustworthiness.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers reach for the bottomless bucket of popcorn. Not to mention: Hypponen explains his 'personal' reasons...

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.


Seth Rosenblatt kicks off:

What started as a one-man boycott of the annual RSA Conference...has begun to blossom into a broader movement. ... Alex Stamos, co-organizer of the event -- nicknamed TrustyCon -- [said] the goal...was not to have "another" security conference, "but a trust conference." It was also a fundraiser for the [EFF].


TrustyCon's roots are tied to the rebellion of Mikko Hypponen...the chief technology officer at Finnish security firm F-Secure [who] has spoken at the RSA Conference for the past eight years and was the first major speaker to withdraw. ... "I'm not expecting to participate in the future," he told the TrustyCon attendees.  MORE


And Brandan Blevins brings bumf:

"We're slaving away, not seeing what is going on in the world, and what we should do is wake up." That was the closing plea that Mikko Hypponen...issued to the security community. [He] emphasized that trust is a principle that is essential to the success of the security industry.


[The] allegations dated back much further than last year; Hypponen noted claims made as far back as 2007 [that RSA] was utilizing weakened encryption standards. The company also suffered a high-profile breach in 2010. ... "When a security company can't be trusted, what do they have left? ... Very little."  MORE


But Iain Thomson notes "dirty tricks":

Some conference venues refused to host the event.


Even more sinister, the AMC Metreon venue that accepted the conference booking received a phone call this morning warning that the site was hosting a "protest conference," and warned the venue to beef up security.  MORE


So Danielle Walker steps in it:

Security professional Alex Stamos...helped organize TrustyCon. ... “We are failing,” Stamos said of the industry.


He added that the community must stop blaming users for security shortcomings, and “[build] technology that people can feel comfortable using from day to day.”  MORE


Meanwhile, Jack "B-Sides curmudgeon" Daniel scotches a rumor: [You're fired -Ed.]

I wasn’t able to go, but it sounds like @TrustyCon was a smashing success- great job to those who made it happen.  MORE

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