3 enterprise IoT lessons learned from triathlete training gear

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As an amateur triathlete for the last several years, I have a wearable / IoT ecosystem in the form of my training gear. I have a wearable GPS watch that provides time, distance and speed/pace for the swim, bike and run, and three wireless sensors in the form of a heart monitor, a weight scale, and a cadence and power meter on the bike. All three of these sensors communicate their data back to the GPS watch, which provides a highly configurable display. This custom ecosystem gives me valuable data about my training and overall progress. In terms of wearables, it will be interesting to see which technologies, brands and products -- wearable fabrics, glasses and watches -- really catch on in both the consumer and enterprise marketplaces, how these are integrated into a variety of IoT ecosystems, and what new, digitally transformed, business models and processes gain the most traction. Here are some things I’ve observed from my wearable / IoT ecosystem and the three big lessons I think will apply to enterprise IT.

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