6 interesting revelations from Motorola at MWC

Motorola MWC

Motorola may not be making any major announcements at this year's Mobile World Congress, but with Google's pending sale of the company to Lenovo, there's plenty of interest in what the manufacturer has to say.

Moto held a casual Q&A in Barcelona to answer some pressing questions. While it's too early to get any detailed answers about how the company's products and philosophies will (or won't) evolve under Lenovo's leadership, we did get a few interesting nuggets of info out of the session.


1) A second-gen Moto X is coming in "late summer" 2014.

That's all she wrote; as for what exactly the phone will deliver or when it'll arrive, we'll just have to wait and see.

2) Moto has a watch on the way sometime this year.

The company says it plans to "address consumer issues, like style and battery life" with the product.

3) Moto's speedy upgrade delivery and near-stock software approach should continue even after the Lenovo acquisition.

It's not exactly a definite guarantee, but when asked whether its software approach would change after Lenovo takes over, the company said it wouldn't, adding that "it'll continue as [it does] today, as a strong Android partner."

4) Moto Maker is coming to other parts of the world.

Customers in Europe and Mexico will be able to order custom-made Moto X devices starting in the second quarter, the company says, with the U.K. being first on deck.

5) Motorola's smartphone prices won't be shooting up.

Even without Google's influence, the company plans to keep its prices low. The "days of $600 phones are limited," Moto says.

6) Moto won't move past Android, even once Google's out of the picture.

The company says it'd "have to compromise if [it] spread across ecosystems" and plans to continue focusing its efforts on Android even after its ownership changes.

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Those were the six biggest revelations. Some interesting stuff -- and even more reason to keep an eye out for what 2014 might hold.


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