You know you raised their IT expectations, right?

Pilot fish has just been working at his first IT job for a couple months when he gets the call: It's his turn to provide tech support for the executive meeting.

"The company would have quarterly meetings with all the executives to discuss the state of the company, earnings, etc.," says fish. "I was extremely nervous, being so new to the company and being the sole techie for a meeting full of VIPs, though I had heard from my boss that normally nothing goes wrong, and we were just there as a precaution.

"The day came and I drove two hours to the meeting. I set up the projector, started PowerPoint and plugged in the remote to change slides. I took my seat, praying nothing would go wrong.

"The CEO started the meeting, but when he tried to change the slide, nothing. Dead. Great, my biggest fear happened 30 seconds into the meeting.

"I calmly jumped to my feet, although I was panicking inside, and went to the front to diagnose the faulty clicker. As soon as I got my hands on it, I breathed a huge sigh of relief -- then switched the remote to 'on' and gave it back to the CEO."

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