The early bird earful

Pilot fish is asked to be part of a conference call with a customer and a consultant to help sort out a problem with printers that the customer's Unix servers can't support.

"As is my habit, I dialed in well before the conference call's start time and put the phone on mute," says fish.

"The customer and consultant dialed into the call and asked if several other people were on the call, but did not mention me. So I decided to keep quiet and see what happened.

"They started discussing moving support to this consultant instead of our company, and making us pay for the consultancy to do the support.

"After ten minutes they decided that they had better ring me to see if I was going to join the call. That's when I came off mute and confessed that I had been on the call since the start and found it extremely interesting. I also mentioned that, as they did not ask if I was on the call, I did not say anything.

"Let's just say they were slightly embarrassed -- and now on conference calls they always check to ensure I am on the call first."

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