Google Chrome V8 gets faster (with this one weird trick)

Chrome V8 JavaScript optimization

$GOOG's Web browser faster for oft-run JavaScript.

Google's putting Chrome's bloat on a diet. Its "V8" JavaScript compiler is now cleverer than ever, claim company devs. By rearranging how it does on-the-fly JavaScript optimization, it's recorded performance increases of up to 27%. Which is nothing to be sniffed at.

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Google's Yang Guo takes sip of vegetable juice and blogs thuswise:

Historically, Chrome compiled JavaScript on the main thread, where it could interfere with...performance. [But] in the latest Chrome Beta we've enabled concurrent compilation, which offloads a large part of [that] to a background thread.


Concurrent code compilation is another step towards reducing latency...part of various ongoing efforts to deliver more responsive, smoother web applications.  MORE


Neil McAllister registers his interest:

JavaScript is often thought of as an interpreted language because developers deploy their applications in source code form. ... But modern JavaScript engines actually compile JavaScript...on the fly before executing it.


V8's compilation clever. Code that is executed often is actually compiled a second time...piling on the optimizations. ... Compilation now takes place in a separate thread...allowing the precompiled JavaScript to keep chugging while Crankshaft works on optimizing the key bits.


For now [it's] only available in the Chrome Beta channel.  MORE


So Stephen Shankland says why you should care:

JavaScript performance is crucial to browsers, which increasingly run Web-based apps...not just load relatively static Web pages.  MORE


And here's ヽポール —go seichu arigato gosaimasu:

Javascript is horrible, to stay. ... Meanwhile Firefox doesn't even have per-tab threads yet.  MORE

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