So I can't just wait till she's back from lunch?

Two secretaries work in the administration office at the high school where this pilot fish handles IT duties.

"One secretary left for lunch," says fish. "A little while later, the remaining secretary noticed a small curl of smoke rising from beyond the short wall dividing the two workstations.

"She stood up and peered over the wall to investigate. She determined the smoke, now increasing in volume and intensity, to be coming out of the rear of the PC on the other secretary's desk.

"Along with the smoke, she noticed the acrid aroma of burning electronics in the air.

"She began to panic and, unable to determine what to do, called my home phone number. My wife answered. The voice on the phone asked if I was home. I wasn't.

"Then the secretary said, 'A computer in our office has smoke coming out of it! I don't know what to do? Should I unplug it?'

"My wife: 'Yes, immediately!'

"Secretary: 'OK. I just didn't want to screw up her computer.'

"As if whatever was burning up inside the case wasn't already well on its way to doing just that..."

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