AMD arms OCS with 'Seattle' 64-bit ARM server CPU, RSN


AMD Opteron A1100, based on ARM Cortex-A57.

AMD unveils its 64-bit ARM server processor and motherboard at the Open Compute Summit. Will this mean low power and decent performance? That's not yet clear.

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Don Clark is mostly 'armless:

Advanced Micro Devices since the early 1980s has doggedly stuck to the x86 chip architecture that Intel invented. [But the] company used a conference in Silicon Valley to unveil a chip for server systems that is based on technology licensed by ARM Holdings...on the theory that their low cost and low power consumption can bring big economic benefits.


AMD struck an unusually bold tone. ... Andrew Feldman, the AMD executive leading the effort, vowed...“We will be the leader.” ... Feldman said the momentum will become overwhelming, because of the volume economics and other advantages that ARM enjoys.  MORE


Richard Chirgwin FTW:

AMD today rolled the dice. ... It's an idea that looks high-risk from several angles: the number of [x86] server vendors in the word has just shrunk again...while efficiencies derived from virtualisation keeps the likes of Dell and HP awake at night. ... Getting the ecosystem needed for a full-frontal assault on the data centre is way off for now.


The Opteron A1100 [is] a 64-bit ARM processor built on a 28nm process [AMD] says will go into sampling soon. ... The processors will come in four or eight core ARM Cortex-A57 variants, supporting 4 MB of L2 and 8 MB of L3 shared cache, memory channels that DDR3 or DDR4 memory with EEC at up to 1,866 MT/second; and coprocessors for cryptography and data compression.  MORE


And Fuad Abazovic has more speeds'n'feeds:

AMD will sample both the new CPU and the development platform this quarter, that's Q1 2014. ... Servers based on Opteron A1100 parts will come with up to 4 SO-DIMM, UDIMM or RDIMMs, 8 lanes of PCI-Express Gen 3 I/O, 8 Serial ATA 3 ports and two 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports.


The AMD Opteron A-Series development kit is packaged in a Micro-ATX form factor and it includes...4 Registered DIMM slots for up to 128GB of DDR3 DRAM, PCI Express connectors configurable as a single x8 or dual x4 ports, 8 Serial-ATA well as standard UEFI boot environment.


ARMv8 64-bit part that might pick up quite a lot of interest due to its low power requirement, but we still have to wait and see the performance.  MORE

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