Not what he asked for, just what he wanted

Network admin pilot fish gets a call from a user who's trying to send a file by email. But it's too big, so he wants his size limit increased.

"The standard limit is 10 MB, but policy allows an increase to 15 MB if required," says fish. "I asked how large the file was.

"He checked his screen and responded, '693 MB.'

"I asked him to confirm the file size, then tried to be tactful as I explained, 'That is a very large file and I doubt that the policies of the person receiving the file will allow them to receive anything that large. Have you checked with them to see if this is possible?'

"He didn't answer, but instead asked a question of his own: 'Do we have an FTP site we can use? I need to get this file to Fred ASAP.'

"I recognized the name as someone in another department in the same building as this user. Do you mean Fred in engineering? I asked.

"'Yes,' he said, 'Fred needs this file this morning. Can you get an FTP working for us quickly? This is a special project that we are covering with management this afternoon.'

"I got them set up on a secured file share and Fred got his file in less time than it would have taken to send the file from one to the other via email."

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