Say, can't we handle ALL power issues this way?

IT supervisor at this government office retires, with the head of finance stepping in as interim IT boss -- and the transition is less than smooth, according to a pilot fish working there.

"It was a rather contentious change of command," fish says. "One morning he called and said that his computer was totally dead. Trying not to offend him right of the bat, I said, 'I won't ask if it's got power since I'm sure you've already checked that.'

"As I walked into his office a few minutes later, I could see that the light was off on the power strip under his desk. I approached his desk, laid my hands on the monitor, closed my eyes and hummed.

"And turned on the power strip switch with my foot.

"The monitor came on and the computer began restarting to its last known state.

"I opened my eyes to my new boss's look of total amazement. But I couldn't keep a straight face. I finally 'fessed up to what I'd done.

"He bought the coffee."

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