1000000 days and counting

Pilot fish at this manufacturer gets an automated message after not logging into a big customer's portal for a while:

Your user ID has not accessed the Supplier Portal for over 1000000 days. Due to the lack of activity, your grant for this portal has been changed to "inactive".

Since your access has been inactivated, you will not be able to access the portal nor any of the applications contained therein.

Fortunately, your access to this Portal can be easily restored. Your Security Administrator is able to re-activate your access. Use the link provided to view your company's security administrator(s).

Once re-activated, simply be sure to access the portal at least once every 1000000 days to maintain your active status.

"1000000 days? Really?" says fish. "They're saying I have not accessed the portal since February 24, 725 BC. Was access achieved using stone tablets or papyrus?

"But if my access is restored, I promise to log in to the portal at least once before December 19, 4751, in order not to lose my access again."

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