A little knowledge...like, WAY too little

User strolls into the IT department where this IT manager pilot fish works, with a stack of burnable CDs and a request.

"He asked if one of our longtime Tier-1 support techs could make copies of his master CD for distribution," says fish.

"Tech looked at the tower of CDs and exclaimed, 'Nope, sorry, I can't help you.'

"Confused user asked why.

"Tech replied with a clearly annoyed tone, 'Because you've already put the labels on the CD. See, the CD burns from the top down, so now it's impossible.'

"I overheard the exchange and intercepted the very confused user walking out. I took the CD stack and instructed the tech to give it a whirl and see what happened.

"Oddly enough, the laser managed to burn through the paper and the copies came out just fine.

"I have since left that job for more challenging adventures. That longtime Tier-1 tech is still...Tier 1."

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