Can you see me now?

Pilot fish keeps getting calls from one of the sales people she supports, complaining that his cell phone "isn't working right."

"I'd trade phones with him, check it out and find nothing really wrong," says fish. "About two weeks later I'd get another call, and this time the complaint was, 'I hate this phone, it's not doing what I want.'

"After about a year of monthly struggles, I finally asked the right question: not 'What is the phone doing?' but 'What is it that you don't like about the phone?'

"The answer was, 'I can't see it.'

"I traded out phones and worked on the resolution, font size and screen brightness. After about three weeks I got another call: 'Can't I get a new phone? This one is just not working right.'

"I tried to help him pick a phone. While we were trying out each one, I noticed he could not read the screen. Come to find out he needed glasses but was too vain to wear them.

"I helped him choose the biggest phone with the biggest screen we could find. So far, so good -- it's been about a month now and no more calls!"

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