Recommended workaround: Don't get back surgery

Pilot fish at this software company is getting ready to leave for back surgery, but for some reason he can't get the out-of-the-office message to work any more.

"I attempted to set it up, but I kept getting errors," says fish. "I called our help desk number and was sent to our outsourced help desk. I spent two hours on the phone with them. They used WebEx to control my machine and were unable to fix the issue.

"I left for the surgery and returned four weeks later to find my trouble ticket was closed for lack for response while I was gone.

"I gave them a call back, got a new ticket and a different offshore tech, and spent another two hours on the phone and WebEx and he was unable to get it fixed.

"I was finally able to get them to send a local tech. He had it fixed in five minutes.

"I should track him down and make note of the solution. We have new management, and they're working on bringing some of the outsourced IT work back in-house..."

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