Yahoo! Mail login problems: HOWTO abuse users for fun and profit

Yahoo Mail login problem

Marissa Mayer captains a sinking ship.

Yahoo! Mail login problems persist for many, as company reps say bupkis. Yahoo! fiddles as Mail burns. Execs make crass jokes about kicking users where it hurts, while... errm... kicking them where it hurts. Repeatedly!

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers roll their eyes at the chronic incompetence being demonstrated here.

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.


Tell us a bedtime story, Kara Swisher. And, please, make the protagonists sound incompetent and/or uncaring:

Jeff Bonforte, the well-regarded techie who is now in charge of Yahoo['s] communications products after [it] bought his startup Xobni, took to the stage. ... Bonforte explained how things were going with the new Yahoo Mail product, which was enduring loud protests from users.


Bonforte, who has one of the more colorful and sarcastic personalities at Yahoo...made a joke that many in attendance did not find funny at all [saying] Yahoo would need to “kick the users hard” in a certain body part to get them to leave.


Initial Yahoo Mail issues have turned into a full-scale disaster. ... Complaints have most certainly been mounting for weeks...and Yahoo has been woefully negligent [and made] perhaps the most astonishing display of PR incompetence...the silence has been deafening. ... What could be bigger than a Fail Whale? This.  MORE


Zach Miners uncovers the buried nuggets:

Yahoo's Mail service remains down for some users a day after [it] said access would be restored. ... "The issue has been harder to fix than we originally expected," Bonforte said. ... The number of people affected by the outage is not clear [but] with more than 100 million daily users, Mail is one of Yahoo's most important products. ... For some of these people, their access to Mail has been down for two to three days.


Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has said that Mail is one of the top things she wants to improve to attract new users.  MORE


This user's plaintive cries are typical:

So, after this 3 days of "Maintenance" (Right!) I am missing mail from the 26th of November to present. Here is an idea... Communication. Are those emails lost? Is there going to be any attempt to recover the missing emails? What is being done? I have been with Yahoo 19+ years as far as I can remember, and would like some sort of communication outside of the generic, cookie cutter response.  MORE


An ever-colorful Violet Blue reminds us that Yahoo! has form:

This is only slightly better than the way Yahoo eventually responded...over the enormous public failure of its Mail redesign back in October (the second redesign within a year, Marissa Mayer's forced Gmail cloning experiment).


How did Yahoo fix the redesign problems for tens of thousands of users who submitted bugs and issues? ... Yahoo simply closed all the threads referred to in the press, and stamped "COMPLETED" on each one. ... At every instance, Yahoo is determined to describe the outage in minimizing terms, and appears intent to mark the issue as "COMPLETED". ... A significant number of Mail users reported that they first began to lose the ability to send and receive...upon completion of the redesign on October 8. [That] support request beginning October 8 was marked as "COMPLETED". ... It is one issue among a litany of serious problems...since the redesign.


They don't seem to care what users think or experience, the only ones suffering by [Yahoo!'s] failed experiments are us, the users.  MORE


Think this is just a story about consumers? Think again, says Sarah Perez:

The company is also currently dealing with the fallout from its recent shuttering of email and web hosting services to customers related to the company’s former relationship with AT&T/SBC. Yahoo says it did notify users, but many...missed this tidbit. ... And this was a paid service for businesses.


[Yahoo!] claims to have sent several emails and mailings about this impending shutdown. ... The problem now is that these customers are not able to get the help they need to reactivate their sites.


Wrote one user...“Yahoo is so overwhelmed they cannot answer phone calls or reply to emails. I’ve been on hold for hours and hours...spoke twice to a real person who...sent me to another number that is absolutely unreachable. They have shut down the websites of countless businesses. The last person I talked with [said] they have no idea how many people they’ve impacted.” ... Another complained...“This happened suddenly and without warning. Yahoo won’t answer its phones or emails and isn’t responding on Facebook either.”  MORE

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