Nokia ''is'' making an Android phone: ''Confirmed''

Nokia Android phone (Normandy)

Evan's leak of Normandy.

Nokia is said to be about to unveil its oft-rumored Android phone. Yes, really: Android. According to two separate reports, we'll see it launch next year -- probably as early as January. Code-named Normandy, it's aimed at price-sensitive markets, where the limited Asha platform no longer cuts the mustard.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers wonder if it has a future in Microsoft's brave, new, One-Windows world.

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.


Having spoken to the ubiquitous "sources familiar with the company’s plans," Tom Warren sees how deep the rabbit-hole goes:

Nokia has been building its own Android phone according to multiple sources...the next step in low-end phones from the Finnish smartphone maker...despite Microsoft’s plans to acquire the company’s handset business.


Multiple sources [say] Normandy is designed as an Asha equivalent to push low-cost devices. ... Nokia employees...were informed the device is planned as a 2014 release, and one insider described [it] as "full steam ahead."  MORE


But Αναστάσιος-Αντώνιος Τουλκερίδης takes the red pill:

[It's] characteristic of the...Asha platform.


And even if it is an will never be released.  MORE


Jason Inofuentes has no sources: [Estás despedido -Ed.]

Since the earliest days of the downfall of Symbian, rumors of a Nokia-built Android phone have periodically coursed through the tech press. [This] might just be the real deal.


According to the report, Nokia plans to fork Android to fit its replace Asha, and its limited app library. ... The Asha line is immensely popular in developing markets. ... There's always the possibility that Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia could stifle this program, but...sources seem confident that development will continue. ... Loyalty runs deep in emerging markets.  MORE


Rajat Agrawal "has independently verified the claims," and the image was "confirmed to be spot on":

According to our sources, the project has been in the works for a while with a lot of emphasis on apps and services. ... Using forked Android...differentiat[es] it enough to not look like Android and get sucked in the Android version update race. ... The Asha platform is not powerful enough to offer multitasking and other features that consumers demand.


But it isn’t clear what will happen to the project once Microsoft completes Nokia’s acquisition. “I think it has gone beyond the point that Microsoft could pull it,” another source says. ... We hear that the Normandy could be one of the products Nokia would Barcelona in February.  MORE


BTW, it was Evan Blass who first broke the curious image:

The Nokia Normandy.  MORE


Meanwhile, Sorten Borten has this gallon of cold water at the ready:

Microsoft is not going to release an Android phone. Ever.


[It] was being developed by Nokia to strengthen its negotiating position with Microsoft. ... This project is dead.  MORE

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