LG G Flex: When renders don't match reality

I've been living with LG's G Flex for the past several days. This morning, I went back and looked at the official renders LG is using to market the device and, having grown accustomed to the phone's form, was pretty surprised at what I saw.

The G Flex, as you've probably heard, is one of the first curved phones to hit the market. But the curve LG's marketing materials depict and the curve actually present on the device are two very different things.

Here are some shots showing the physical phone held up to the official LG renders on my monitor:

LG G Flex Curve (1)
LG G Flex Curve (2)
LG G Flex Curve (3)
LG G Flex Curve 4
Android Power Twitter

As you can see, the arc is far more subtle in reality than the official renders would lead you to believe. Artistic license or misleading marketing? I'll leave that for you to decide.

Stay tuned for my full real-world G Flex review. It'll be online very soon.

UPDATE: LG G Flex deep-dive review: The curious case of the curved phone

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