Apps to help you keep New Year Resolutions

The New Year looms and with it comes the chance to make a few resolutions, some of which may even last the week -- if you want your resolutions to hold together longer, I've selected some great apps to help you make effective changes in 2014.

Apps to help you keep New Year Resolutions

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Lose weight

They say it's easier to add weight than to lose it leading to an unregulated outbreak of diet experts peddling various plans, but when you think about it, all these plans come down to the same thing: eat good, fresh food that's nutritionally balanced and meets your real calorific needs. You can eat really well, just drop the junk from your diet. Knowledge is power, of course, so grab yourself a copy of Eat This, Not That! to get a better understanding of what you eat before you begin using Calorie Counter from MyNetDiary.

Get organized

CBT training says that getting yourself organized demands you adopt different habits,  so it may help to use Things. This breaks tasks down into chunks, lets you set schedules and categories and presents you with daily checklists of what needs to get done. It also syncs across all your Apple devices, so you can add to the list when you're out on the move. You will need to develop the habit of using it.

Spend less, save more

There's an interesting selection of ideas gathered within this Pinterest page while the WealthWatchers journal app (which links with one of those self-help titles) will help you understand where it is you're already spending your money and help get to grips with your real financial situation.

Enjoy life

Being switched-on helps you enjoy life, so I'd like to introduce Lumosity, a free brain training app designed to improve your memory, attention span, flexibility and problem-solving skills. I believe the more switched-on you are the more you'll be able to enjoy the opportunities you find.

Stay fit and healthy

Do try the free version of Workout Trainer. It offers a variety of workouts with detailed instructions for each exercise. The inclusion of hundreds of different routines means you should be able to avoid that awful demotivation most beginner's face from doing the same dull routine.

Learn something exciting

Keeping your mind agile is incredibly important. If you want to learn something exciting but don't quite know what, then why not take a daily look at TedTalks and browse iTunes U for a huge collection of free learning resources to help you find your new learning path.

Quit smoking

Quitting smoking's the biggest single step you can take to improve your health. LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach (free) provides motivational tips, personalized quitting plans, and social networking. You can choose to quit right away or create a phased plan.

Help others

If your resolution this year is to help others then do you really need an app? Look around your neighbourhood: is there an elderly person who might need some shopping done? A single parent family could use babysitting? You know what's right. Do it.

Fall in love

I've noticed that when romance blooms in my life it usually appears shortly after I accept the lack of it. Personal autonomy and lack of desire seems to posses an aphrodisiac quality. Otherwise there's OK Cupid.

More family time

Make more time right now. Stop reading this and go see them.

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