You were expecting an accountant?

IT coordinator pilot fish for a local school district gets an email from a teacher: "It is Career Day in two days and my husband is coming in and needs unrestricted access to the network."

Fish emails back to tell the teacher that there's no "unrestricted access" to the network for anyone. Can you tell me what exactly your husband needs to do? fish asks.

Teacher's response: "He needs to VPN into his corporate network."

OK, fish replies, the best thing for him to do is get the password for the school wireless guest network and try that, because the filter in place for that type of access isn't overly restrictive.

Reports fish, "A day later another email comes, complaining that the password was retrieved but he does not know how to log in from home to test the network.

"Career Day comes, and he encounters no problem logging into his corporate network from the school guest network.

"His career? IT."

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