It's January. Do you know where your holidays are?

Team leader in this IT department has something of a fixation on tracking days off and vacation time, reports a pilot fish whose numbers don't look right to the team leader.

"Even though I had booked them all correctly in the system, somebody had added a day off on his spreadsheet in the wrong column, showing that I had taken an extra day off when I had not," fish says.

"The problem with the spreadsheet was that it showed only full days taken off and ignored any half-days. The team leader claimed it could not be done.

"I was a little annoyed with him, so I rewrote the formulas to combine half-days and full days to give a totally accurate picture of the time-off situation.

"When I applied the new formulas, only one person's vacation time was wrong: the team leader.

"I left the modified formulas for him to find.

"He quietly adjusted his days off and said nothing."

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