New year, same old users

This database admin pilot fish is responsible for his company's ERP system -- along with some custom software that helps it work.

"We use the custom software to pull our job bills of material to print shop floor paperwork and the associated drawings, so that we can produce the parts easily and not have the shop floor planners spend all day putting together production packages," says fish.

"One of the design bills of material was entered into the system incorrectly, with all the sub-components/materials instead of the first-line components that are supposed to be there.

"When the job was created using this defective bill of material, of course only the materials showed up on the system. The software then printed paperwork with only the materials and none of the actual components or the drawings for the components.

"The planner came to me to complain that the software was missing all the components and the drawings, and it needs to be fixed.

"When I showed the planner that the bill of material was incorrect, the answer I got was, 'It should be able to figure out what it was supposed to be and give me the right information and drawings. I am too lazy to go and fix other people's mistakes and the software needs to do this for me.'

"I guess that explains why he didn't get the intended results..."

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