But look how well everything else works!

CIO for this big transit company gets a visit from the VP of administration -- and she's offering exactly the kind of business-sponsor support every IT project needs, according to a pilot fish in the know.

"She said she would support any level of funding that would insure the computer center remained active despite the many electrical outages that occur annually in the area," fish says.

CIO gets to work. He purchases a natural-gas generator that will support 75 servers, air conditioning and security locks for the computer center, networks, critical PCs, outside cameras, lights and the phone system -- and keep it all functioning for an indefinite time.

He also buys a battery system to keep everything powered up between the time any power outage hits and the point when the generator is up to speed.

The whole system is tested extensively. The gas generator is fired up weekly. Everything passes the tests and seems to work as planned -- and the CIO pronounces the project a success.

And when the next electrical storm hits and power is lost to the entire city, the transit building's power remains on in otherwise dark surroundings. Remote access is available and the CIO is proud of his accomplishment.

There's just one small issue: The security keys for the building don't work.

"The whole building used electrical locks, and these systems were not wired into the generators," says fish. "IT could not return to the building, nor could the VP of administration. Everyone was told to work from home until power was restored.

"On the CIO's annual review, this project was listed as a failure on the volume test."

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