We'll ask the questions, if you don't mind

This organization is upgrading its time clock server -- which comes from a global company that should be able to make getting answers a simple process, according to a pilot fish struggling through the process.

Well, not exactly.

Support tech: "Global support, this is Lou."

Fish: I'm calling about ticket #2718281.

Support tech: "Ticket #2718281?"

Fish: Yes.

Support tech: "Great! Am I speaking to Barney?"

Fish: No. This is Bud. There is no Barney on this case.

Support tech: "I'm showing Barney or Fred as the contacts for SlateCo Inc. of Liverpool, England."

Fish: No, this is ConglomCo of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

Support tech: "What is your customer number?"

Fish: It's 3141592.

Support tech: "Here you are. This is Bud?"

Fish: Yes.

Support tech: "Let me give you the correct ticket number. Are you ready for it?"

Fish: Yes.

Support tech: "The correct ticket for your case is 2718281."

Fish: That's the number I gave you.

Support tech: "It is?"

Fish: Yes.

Support tech: "Then how did I end up with that other company in England?"

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