Munch munch munch

Pilot fish is co-managing a call center for a university when he answers a call from one very distraught professor.

"He claimed he couldn't get to his research on the local servers," says fish. "We discovered he couldn't ping the gateway either, confirming a network problem.

"After trying all the usual troubleshooting such as checking both ends of the cable, checking out network settings and rebooting, we still couldn't get a link light on the network interface. We determined that an on-site tech would need to be dispatched.

"The professor was under a tight deadline and the call center was slow with plenty of staff, so I headed to the building next door to help him out.

"Once in his office, I quickly found the problem. The cable was indeed plugged into the PC and the wall, but the middle of the cable was missing.

"He also happened to be missing his pet iguana..."

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