Sometimes you just can't leave

Visiting hours are over at the hospital where this pilot fish's wife is a patient, so it's time for him to go.

"After kissing her goodbye, I went out the double doors, then remembered to go back and get my tablet," fish says.

"Then I went back through the doors and was caught in the hasp. Then the doors closed automatically. I got my jacket out of the hasp, but my hand was still on the door and I was caught between the two doors.

"In agony, I screamed for help. And help came -- but no one was able to open the door. The software was very unforgiving. Blood started coming down between the two doors where my hand was caught.

"Maintenance was called and they were unable to open the doors. Finally, power to the entire floor was turned off and the doors opened.

"The ER fixed my hand for free and the software has been fixed. It turned out a string in the software had a semicolon in it and it was supposed to have been a colon. Such a simple error..."

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