You fix the air conditioning, we'll handle IT, OK?

Staffer calls the help desk to say he smells smoke -- and he thinks it's coming from one of the large multifunction printers, according to a pilot fish on the scene.

"When the help desk guy gets there, a facilities guy has trouble-shot the problem down to the network cable," fish reports. "He says every time he plugs in the cable, he sees a spark, so that must be where the smoke smell is coming from.

"The help desk guy unplugs the network cable and plugs it back in. The facilities guy says, 'Look, there it goes again.'

"Help desk guy didn't notice any spark, but did see the network link light come on. He unplugs and plugs it in again -- same thing.

"Help desk guy explains that this is the link light and it's normal. Still no resolution as to the cause of the 'smoke.'"

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