Gift, horse, mouth -- you know the drill

Flashback to the mid-1990s, when this Air Force pilot fish's duties include being "the computer guy" for his unit.

"A Navy guy came to me one day with an offer: They were co-located on our Air Force base, and he had been tasked with running a network line from their offices to their designated dormitory," said fish.

"Problem was, he was short funding. Since our building was smack-dab in between his two locations, if I could come up with roughly $12,000, he'd ensure our building was networked, too.

"I did the proposal and sent it to my unit deputy commander -- who promptly denied the request with a handwritten note saying 'What do we need this @#$%! for?'

"Six months later, the base commander decreed that all buildings on the base would be networked. It ended up costing the unit around $60,000. I never heard back from our unit deputy commander."

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