Microsoft CIO out: Tony Scott's dogfood days done

[You're fired -Ed.]

Tony Scott, Microsoft CIO

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) CIO, Tony Scott, has left the company, after five years in the job. Microsofties "Thank him and wish him well."

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers ask if he jumped or was pushed.

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.

Nancy Weil lifts the veil:

His LinkedIn profile lists him as the company's former CIO and the company website no longer lists him among senior leaders. ... Jim Dubois, the company's vice president of IT product and services management, has been named interim CIO.


Microsoft's public relations agency did not immediately respond to a request for the statement.  MORE

And Todd Bishop moves diagonally:

Tony Scott...oversaw Microsoft’s internal IT operations for more than five years. ... Microsoft has now confirmed the news, releasing this statement: “Tony Scott decided to depart Microsoft to focus on personal projects."


Scott’s exit is notable in part because of the role played by Microsoft’s IT department as the first customer of the company’s business groups...commonly known as “dogfooding.”


Scott confirms via email that it was his choice to leave the company.  MORE

So Simon Sharwood says, simply:

Microserfs were reportedly told he'd moved on last week. would be drawing a long bow to link his departure to...Windows 8 ambivalence, low mobile device market share, [or] haemorrhaging money online.


Some might say any departures from the C-suite at Microsoft aren't a good look because of those challenges. Others may respond with five-and-a-bit years in a job being a pretty decent innings.  MORE

But Anthony Tosie plays footsie with that thought:

Scott's departure marks the third executive to seven months.  

Steven Sinofsky, the previous head of Windows development, left Microsoft in November amid speculation that he was forced out. ... Peter Klein, Microsoft's former chief financial officer, announced his planned departure from the company in April.  MORE

Meanwhile, Ed Bott tweets thuswise:

Oh man I cannot even imagine how stressful it must be to be CIO of Microsoft.  MORE

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