How about we use your name and see what happens?

Pilot fish gets an email request from his company's security team, and it shouldn't be hard to make it happen -- right?

Security guy: "Global Information Security is in the process of confirming ownership and cleaning up Windows service accounts that are no longer in use. For those accounts that are no longer in use, they need to be removed from Active Directory. I'm trying to validate the below service account and find out who the new owner is. Might you know if this service account's ID is still valid and in use, or who the owner might be?"

Fish: I don't know about this. Who was the old owner? That would help.

Security guy: "Unfortunately, there are no old owners listed for this service account. Thank you for your help, appreciate it."

Fish: In that case, delete and see who complains, if anyone.

Security guy: "Before we can remove the account, we'll need to indicate an owner. Who would be the appropriate person to indicate on record as owner, prior to removing the account?"

Fish: Now that's what I call a classic circular argument! You got me...

Sharky won't use your name -- just your story. I'll file off the identifying marks, so send me your true tale of IT life right now at You'll get a stylish Shark shirt if I use it. Add your comments below, and read some great old tales in the Sharkives.

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