Because 'stop, drop and roll' was already taken?

It's the mid-1990s, and this computer-store-owning pilot fish gets a call from the daughter of an important customer.

She wants to buy a computer, but it's a two-hour round-trip to the store -- can fish show her that everything is working properly before she takes it home?

Sure, says fish, who builds the system and, when she arrives, shows her that everything works and how to connect all the parts.

"The next day I receive a call from the lady," fish says. "The mouse isn't working. I walk her through all the possible problems, but after about 20 minutes, she has completely lost her composure and is screaming at me over the phone.

"She shouted, 'This is why I wanted to see everything work before I got this thing home! I live an hour away and I don't have time to drive back and forth because you don't know how to do your job. I am so sick of waving this mouse around that I swear I'm about to throw it in the garbage!'

"Wait -- what? When you say 'waving the mouse around,' what exactly do you mean?, I ask.

"'I already told you! I'm waving the mouse around and it doesn't work!'

"Turn the mouse upside down. See that little ball on the bottom of the mouse? Put the mouse on your desk and move it around so that the little ball can roll, I say.

"She does, a moment passes and she says, 'Oh. Mmm. OK. It seems to be working. Why do they say 'point and click'? This isn't pointing and clicking!'"

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