OMG: Apple has shipped something new!!!

Silence the bells and stop the presses -- Apple [AAPL] has at last introduced a new product! Unfortunately it's nothing more than a slight upgrade of something we already have, this time a new 16GB iSight-free iPod touch.

[ABOVE: These people are not queueing for an iPod touch.]

Ready for iRadio

This iterative upgrade takes place as the company dumps its fourth-generation iPod touch in favour of a 16GB 4-inch model that lacks an iSight but does give you a Retina Display and A5 chip (not too bad) at a $229 price. Though at least the A5 processor may mean you can use this device to listen to iRadio …

One thing that hasn't shipped with this upgrade is a press release.

Apple knows no one will be too impressed with this slight upgrade; it doesn't expect any analyst estimates to change and won't anticipate much critical acclaim as what must be the longest product release drought in the company's history continues.

There's several reasons for this break in the Apple history book, including but not confined to:

[ABOVE: These kids didn't get an Apple device last Christmas -- parents be warned!]

Drama or dodo?

All same, despite this slight upgrade there's no doubt whatsoever that the lengthy product release gap (now at 219 days) continues and with CEO, Tim Cook letting us know we shouldn't expect too much before September, the Apple story seems in the doldrums, at least for today.

This changes in a couple of weeks when Jony Ive hopes to dazzle us with what ought to be the most significant iOS update yet, this time with the added addition of less of Scott Forstall's brand of hyperbole and, hopefully, new features that actually, you know, do what they should as Apple aims to avoid another debacle like Maps

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