'Pathetic' Microsoft ad campaign ratchets privacy hate for Google

Keep calm while we steal your data

Scroogled campaign dredges new depths.

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) is under fire—yet again—for its anti-Google privacy message (despite the fact that Microsoft also makes money from targeted advertising). This time, Redmond is selling T-shirts, mugs, and other paraphernalia with a bastardized "Keep Calm And..." text.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers fight like ferrets in a bag.

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.


Natt Garun asks the questions on literally nobody's lips:

Shopping for the perfect Christmas present for your paranoid, conspiracy theorist uncle?


Not beating around the bush at all, are we, Microsoft?


For those who aren’t into hot beverages, there are also t-shirts and hats. ... In Redmond, this is how you say “Happy Holidays.”  MORE


At which, Juan Manuel Lucero lights up:

Pathetic. Time to fire the whole marketing and PR team.  MORE


And C.A. McArthur agrees:

Negative advertising is the school yard bully using their size, power, strength to intimidate others.


Being treated as a three year old by MS doesn't help. ... MS obviously threatened and retaliating, but...this is the wrong way.  MORE


So jhn rolls his eyes:

Pretty classless. Its like "hey we suck so much that we can't tell you what we're doing right so listen to us tell you how bad the competition is!"  

Lame.  MORE


But Microsoft appears unrepentant:

Well, that was quick! The "Keep Calm While We Steal Your Data" mug is sold out.  MORE


And Jason Ward stands up for Redmond:

Google’s terms of service REQUIRE you to let them...steal your data and sell it to advertisers.  MORE


In an ironic juxtaposition, Katy Backman channels Google's Vint Cerf addressing DC lawmakers:

Vint Cerf has trouble turning on video: "This is a Microsoft product, that's the problem."


"It will be increasingly difficult for us to achieve #privacy. Privacy may be an anomaly."


"Our social behavior is quite damaging to #privacy. Technology has outraced our social intellect."


"Most of the experience with #privacy is a result of our own behavior."  MORE


Meanwhile, Chris Ziegler is all, like, so two-thousand-and-late:

if MS was as hip as I thought it was, it'd be attacking google with doge meme, not "keep calm."


"wow, very data theft, such scroogle."  MORE

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