Yeah, the one we always use

This pilot fish is at home, attempting to single-handedly save the world on a PC upstairs, while another member of the family is downstairs trying to set up fish's netbook to do some homework.

"I'd already put the password in so that she could start when she was ready," fish says. "But I'd forgotten our home Wi-Fi was only scheduled to come on in the evening, to stop the kids wasting their time before we get home.

"A call from downstairs: 'It won't connect to the Internet.'

"Me: 'Ah, I forgot, the wireless isn't on at the moment.'

"'What can I do then?'

"'Plug it into the network cable connected to the back of the television. That's always on.'

"A few minutes later: 'It still won't connect to the Internet.'

"Grumpily, I had to go see what was wrong.

"OK, I could see she had connected the netbook by cable to the back of the TV. But the netbook was at the other end of the room. How could this be?

"Because that cable was the VGA link we use to watch films from the sofa -- all ten meters of it!"

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