That line isn't the only thing that's slow here

Network analyst pilot fish is responsible for keeping the performance good on the network, and one of the connections isn't cooperating.

"We have a few 10-gigabit circuits in our metropolitan-area network," fish says. "One of them seems to have a higher latency than the others, so my account team from our service provider suggested I open a ticket to have it checked out.

"When at last I got through the maze of press-1-for this-press-2-for-that menus, I finally got a live person to speak with. After giving him the circuit ID three times using phonetics for the letters, he was finally able to locate the circuit in his records.

"I really knew I was in trouble when I had to spell the word L-A-T-E-N-C-Y and explain what it was. At this point, my co-workers -- who couldn't help but hear me -- were laughing so hard I almost broke up too.

"Now I'm just hoping I'll get that test done and that I didn't really order a disconnect!"

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