No, we can't name it either -- for the same reason

Tech support pilot fish works for a nonprofit animal rights organization that has just shifted to a new anti-spam vendor.

"We have been getting help desk tickets here and there regarding e-mails that used to come through but now don't," fish says. "However, one catches my eye as I start to read the updates to the ticket.

"The help desk ticket states that the vendor who is trying to email the requester is getting bounce backs saying our organization is rejecting their messages.

"The emails are not over 10MB in size -- our limit -- nor do they have any other reason to be blocked, or so the requester thought.

"So our Exchange guy checks it out and finds something quite funny: The emails from the vendor are being blocked because they contain the name of a town on Trinity Bay in Newfoundland. Nothing dirty happening in that email thread...

"We remove the word from our content filter list, and add the employee who put in the ticket to our 'relaxed' content filter list in case he has any more urges to get email from vendors in dirty places."

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